second VFX step

So as you can see here the team decided to go for a stylized animation effect. which I greatly enjoyed doing, but this was the second step of testing to make sure it was working okay.
These muzzle flashes where created to give people a bit of an idea of what I was thinking for the muzzle flares, and get some feedback. which did not happen, but that is life sometimes.
I added in sound effects to make sure it could work okay, and while there where not the final effects we used, it was a blast putting them in and finding them, even if I am no sound guy.

In this version I have done some work on the grenade dust and made it look a bit better, but it still needed work done to it.


Rig is done(ish) for now


I have already got a video of the rig i showed for my final product, so I will not make a new one for now as my voice is shot cos I got a cold (yay me)

However, I have learned a few new things I shall be implementing into character rigging next time, and shall also be learning Python script to help out as according to Christopher Crouzet, without coding, a decent rig is almost impossible to make.
You can find his article on it here:


VFX, its a start!


some of the youtube videos I went to to check out either tutorials on gunfire and muzzle flashes, as well as the videos I slowed right down to view them frame by frame.

This one is brilliant as it gives you a view of a few different guns firing, and shows you well their speed. it also shows realistic muzzle flashes at day time, which is to say none.

This next one gives you good info on the guns and their fire rate, which I found useful for trying to put these in as effects.

I also watched some movies action, such as Battle LA, The Boondock saints, and Fury to name a few. whilst I say watched, I was mostly slowing down the action and firing scenes and then skipping to the next ones to see how they had done it.

How now sound found?

Or some such. I briefly just wanted to touch on my work with sound this trimester, which has not been too extensive sadly. but has been there. the biggest things I have done has been working out how to get fireworks to line up to the popping noise supplied by the sound people. and the adding sound into the Aftermath project as a whistle coming from the steam. The steam whistle was a joint effort, and I have currently got no proof of it as I need the unreal file to show. which I shall upload soon as I can get it and go into some more detail then.
However the fireworks popping sounds was an interesting experience.
I am sure I have uploaded the file in a previous blog (Death of a animation) and so shall refrain from doing so here as well.
But to line the noises up with the fireworks took some time, as the scene had to go for a certain time up to that point, and I feel the time was a bit too long before they happened. but be that as it may, I did my best.
I am also no master of After Effects, which is what we did all our lining up in. it was mostly just a matter of getting the one small section and scrubbing through/playing through multiple times until the fireworks and their noises had been lined up to my best efforts.
We went with fireworks for the shot to show a celebration and give it a happy feel. I am not sure where the sound people got their fireworks file from, but it was still decent.

Also on the line of sound, I am hopping that we will be able to do more with the VFX as that was originally my plan to help knock off the sound L/O but has possibly taken too long to make it happen.