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Jumps Iterations

Whilst I understand this is meant to cover many iterations over many days on different posts. This is more to confirm that I have been doing this over many different animations, not just the girl skipping I first posted about



so after many iterations and passes, I have decided these are good enough to show people. one is a curtsy, the other a jump. Both took me about a day all up to animate, and have been rather fun to do as it has helped me learn a much better workflow.
the third, is a tutorial piece I followed, so it is not my original work, but it was a great learning curve none the less.



so I have found a workflow I am actually really happy with for creating animations. I first started learning about it at college in some workshops, but I furthered my learning on digital tutors of how to refine and perfect that workflow.
It starts with working out what the animation is going to be. Such as a jump, skipping, running or so on. Then I find some reference material or video some if there is nothing that fits what I need.
next I do some simple drawings of the key frames and the idea of the pose needed in them on paper or in Photoshop. Then its time to open 3DS Max and get to blocking out the keyframes with the rig being used.
to do this properly I turn the auto tweening off and just make it stepped from frame to frame. this is done by changing the default in/out tangents on the bottom right of your screen near your key frame and auto key buttons to stepped (it literally looks like a step).
For the creating of the frames I do not try and put them in the right place on the timeline, I just make them on consecutive frames, so frame 0, 1, 2, 3 and so on depending on how many frames are needed.
After this its time to work out how long the sequence will be, then change the timeline to that long and start working out a rough idea of where each key frame needs to go. once they are placed I go into the curve editor, select everything and turn the tangents to auto.

This is where it starts to get really tricky, assuming I have done a decent job with the key frames and timing them out then it may look half decent. otherwise its time to watch it, do an animation preview, work out whats wrong and fix it again. this is just a matter of doing it over and over until I have it looking good enough to satisfy what I want.
If after this step I am still not satisfied I can go in and shorten the timeline to work on a specific point and finely polish it, doing this until I am happy with how the animation sequence looks and feels.

Compositing done (for now)

Well it is safe to say I really want to learn how to use Nuke.
while compositing is hard, I also find it crazy amounts of fun. I was following a tutorial on Digital tutors to get this done, and while I would like to finish it soon and learn more, I am sadly pressed for time and must stop for now. I have done all I was told I had to for my L/O but gosh darn I want to keep going… If only I had more time and less other projects I have to get done!Screenshot 2015-08-11 02.02.46 Screenshot 2015-08-11 02.17.26

I rendered this out as both a .PNG sequence and a MP4 video. Whilst putting up all the .PNGs in the sequence would be slightly crazy, I can link to the video on youtube


Digital Compositing

From what I understand compositing is adding many different elements into one scene to make it look good. such as they would have done with the Transformers or Iron man in their respective movies. This can be done in many different programs, though I will be doing mine in Adobe after effects.
In this composition I have done layers, nested some compositions, tracking and parenting as well.Screenshot 2015-08-11 01.19.20 Screenshot 2015-08-11 01.20.05

Girl skipping 2

The biggest and only faults I was given on this test from some friends at college was that the right foot is a bit higher then the left. It also is really stiff looking, sitting flat and not having much movement. this is not to say its a perfect animation, this is just the feedback I was given on this particular test.