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Digital Compositing

From what I understand compositing is adding many different elements into one scene to make it look good. such as they would have done with the Transformers or Iron man in their respective movies. This can be done in many different programs, though I will be doing mine in Adobe after effects.
In this composition I have done layers, nested some compositions, tracking and parenting as well.Screenshot 2015-08-11 01.19.20 Screenshot 2015-08-11 01.20.05


Game Characters

I was asked to help make some characters for a 2D side scrolling game. This will involve some enemies and their attacks, making some objects to jump over and making a who heap of animations for the player character. some of which will be a jump, attack with different weapons, run and so on. I have posted here 2 enemies and their attacks as well as the run cycle for the main character. I was asked to go for a more anime run cycle with him.
I would also love more time to apply some better animation techniques to all characters, but we will see what time allows!