Studio 3 Today

A: what sort of work do  I want to do in the future (5 years)

My long term goal is to become a Technical director, lead, and studio owner. To this end I am already starting up my own studio slowly, and am always keeping that in mind as I work on projects.
I have a lot to learn to get there, and would like to work for another company for a few years so I can gain experience and learn some processes that others use.

B: What are the quality standards of work expected in the area

The best, while my work does not have to be the best. I have to be able to get others to do their best as well as plan and organise projects. Understanding many different specializations is also important, so I can know what is realistic in the areas, even if I can not do it super well myself. That being said I do want to learn to be good at animation in 3D, and shall be working to further that skill set.

C: Current skill set / level

Whilst I am not terrible in any area, I am also not a master in any of them. To this end I want to aim my learning at animation and the creation of particle effects to enhance those animations. Not VFX itself, but the particles them selves to create the different effects. I am already okay at doing this, and have a basic understanding of animation in 3D.

D: What do I need to learn and improve to get there

More then I care to list, to gain my current short term goals, I need to focus on more to do with particles in 3DS Max 2016 and 2017, as well as animating well in max. I need to focus on my timing and my inbetweens to get to the level I want to be at for this.

E: goals in my craft for this trimester

To animate 2 characters from start to finish in at least 1 dialog sequence. starting with basic blocking out, and ending with a smooth product. working on timing,


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