VFX Final/post mortem

And thus, the VFX Scene is…erm…done. for scene 1 anyway. what was meant to be a 9 scene project, worth about 30 seconds, has been severely cut back in duration due to time and needing to have some product to show.

There are many things I would do differently next time, knowing what I know now. Such as once I had all the VFX files I needed compiled and tested to make sure they will work okay, I would help out with the roto (only on a small project like this) and see if anyone else needs a hand. Rather then continuing to research or look for better effects. especially as we ended up going with what I had at the start for the majority of effects, and only the muzzle flashes changed, to something even more simple then I was originally going to make.

A couple of things I had to re learn how to do on the spot was basic tracking in After Effects (not hard once I had a quick look at a digital tutors video)
And making sure all the layers where lined up perfectly for things like set extension, lighting passes, and so on.

Something I would really have liked to do was have time to add in even basic sounds for this, but we ran out of time and I could not even put in the sounds I had downloaded earlier that day. I feel it would have given the whole thing a much nicer feel to have noises going on.


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