Boardgame Design

Greed Game


You will need:

  •         1 six sided die
  •         1 small item per player to be used as a playing piece. (These can be any item you own. We recommend small items of jewellery [such as rings], coins, keys or tokens from any other game.
  •         At least a ream of printing paper

Download the image set, and print the cards as double sided. The cards are colour coded, with a single card backing sheet, and several card face sheets. For a more in depth experience, print 2 or more of each card, and double or triple the deck sizes.

The fame cards are also double sided, but with the same image on each side. Fame cards come in ones and fives. You will need to print a lot of these, and more for each player. We recommend at least 100 pages of 5s and 50 of 1s for each person playing. (Remember you only need to do this once, then you own it J )

Print the board in A3 size if possible. Though it can still be played in a smaller size.


Roll a single 6 sided die to see who plays first. Highest number wins.

Take one card at the beginning of each turn, from the card deck you are up to.

If you have under 50 fame draw from deck 1. If you have 50 – 99 fame draw from deck 2. If you have 100 – 250 fame draw from deck 3. If you have over 250 fame draw from deck 4.

Each time you pass the New Year tile, discard any cards that change with the fashions.

Each time any player lands on a season’s tile (summer, winter, etc.), all players discard all cards that change with the fashions.

If you collect more than 4 anxiety, move your player piece to the Counselling tile, and discard all your assets, including property. If you land on the Counselling tile at any time, you may discard any number of anxiety cards, at the cost of 4 fame each.

If you land on a numbered tile, pick up cards equal to the tile number from the deck you are on. (e.g. if you are on level 2 [50 – 99 fame], and land on a tile with the number 3, collect three cards from the level 2 card pile.)

The aim is to collect as much as you can, to earn fame. The first player to reach 500 fame is the winner.

Card types

Level 1 – 4 cards

  •         Event cards

o   Generate a one hit fame or infamy increase.

  •         Capitol cards

o   Generate fame or infamy each turn.

  •         Anxiety cards

o   Randomly dispersed in the level cards, once picked up cannot be discarded without going to counselling. Collecting 5 anxiety will send the player to counselling.

  •         Debt Cards

o   Costs a certain amount of fame each turn until the debt is paid. If the player is unable to pay the debt, they must go to counselling for bankruptcy and rehabilitation into society.

Opportunity Cards

If the player lands on an opportunity tile, they can choose to pay fame equal to their level and pick up an opportunity card. Generally, opportunity cards can be held by the player until used, but can only be played during the holding players turn.


The follow are to be printed for gameplay

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