More gnomon presentations

I watched another Presentation hosted by Gnomon, and it was good, again. They get some great animators in there to inspire and educate a bit more. I would love to see the industry get to a place in Australia where we have people on hand who have the experience and talent just floating around like they seem to in other countries. But from what I can tell that talent is either teaching us already, working in one of the few animation studios we have left or leaving the country to work elsewhere.

anyway, my thoughts on this presentation, shall now follow. Some of it are just points that struck me and stuck to me, or just something I found interesting in some way.

This guy is fairly humble, I like that! Though it seems the more I see of top people that they are willing to say they are not the best at what they do, but they still do it because they love it.
this guy does not do all the work on his show reel, but supervised it, which is fairly cool. I like how he says he was the supervisor on it, that works well. Means I can use some work I have supervised and say what I did, not that it was all mine but that I had something to do with it and how.
“Be the janitor”, I like that. Not all the shots can be amazing, so be willing to do the boring shots and do your best at them.
Knock their socks off in the first 10 seconds or go home for your show reel, I like that. Always start with your best thing! Once you are in the industry, start with things people recognize. It gets attention straight up. Not necessarily starting with your best work, but making sure its attention catching in that time.
This goes against what a lot of people say to making your show reel, as they say start with your best work as people may not reach the end. But I do like the idea of starting with something that is attention grabbing and then going from there.
Go the extra mile, be the one that volunteers. F.I.L.O. First in last out, part of the extra mile. Be the last one over the finish line, push others in front of you. Seems to be a main theme here with the high end animators, be a team player, make sure you put in the effort to do well, put in more effort than you need to and show that you love what you’re doing.
The more I learn about the animation industry the more I want to work in it, which is a good thing!
I enjoy seeing the basic animation process they used in some of the things. As the un animated creatures slide around to get the basic movement worked out. Then they are animated but still lack textures, which is great to see.
passion is good, but I think that you should not be too precious about things either. As Tomas Jech said in his ‘how to poop’ presentation, your ideas are bad, but with work and input from others it can be yes be passionate, be sad to have to change things, but be capable of doing so without getting but hurt.
sometimes the directors will make you cut your work down by heaps, but always learn from it, and take something away. It may just be how to do something in a certain way.
It’s nice to know that even as high up in the industry as this guy ism he still has trouble with communication. Seems like it will be a big problem forever, but it’s good to know it’s not unusual. I sometimes worry I just suck with it and that others have mastered the whole ‘telling others what they want clearly’ thing, it’s good to know I am wrong.


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