Interesting Presentation

So one of my tutors got me onto a presentation by a man named Tomas Jech. in short, it was a inspirational speech about how to do better in the animation industry. I was going to start using shadow play and talking, but I wrote a reply to it as I watched so it seems a bit silly to shadowplay a reply when I already have one written out.

Hah, I have had some fears spoken about straight up already, and its 15 mins in xD I hope someone is worse then me.
I really like his early point of do not be self-centred, be genuinely happy for others, be a team player.
he is on point with so many things though. Someone will always be better then you, or ‘there is always a bigger fish’. Don’t get depressed, just do your best and be happy to keep going.
don’t pass the buck to others when things go wrong. Tomas has a lot of good points, which is not just good for animation.
Always be willing to be stupid. Something I have always done before but tried not to do as an animator, so far I have tried to fit in and belong. From what Tomas is saying, I need to not do that, I need to be me. Which is again, just good advice in general. Do not be embarrassed, just get what needs to be done done. As he said earlier on a slide, learning is not always fun, but it can be if we decide to have fun. Fun is not always something that happens but aa choice we make.
Not all good ideas start amazing, in fact not many do. It goes with the same ideas of making a story, do not be precise with it, let it be changed and become better.
Learn to recover from error, because that skill is hugely useful. Just because something seems bad, does not mean it cannot be recovered in some way.
Think about the situation your character is in, seems like good advice to me. Why they are doing what they are doing, it goes along the lines of the acting rule that no one does something for no reason, so why are they doing what they are doing?
Much like Steve said to me, Tomas sais start simple, make easy things and do them well. Same as with music, if you want to show someone you can play an instrument really well, then play something simple you can nail, not something hard that you will stumble over and make look less then amazing.
Make choices that are possible to do. Something that makes a heap of sense, trying to do something I cannot achieve with my current skill set or the tools available to me, while it sounds like a fun challenge, is such a bad idea.

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