cross disc project

So over the last few weeks I have been trying to work with game designers to make a small game. it has been interesting and informative to say the least. I have been trying to gain information from the game designers as to what they need and how they need things done. much to my dismay I have received almost no replies to this, and it has made working to things much harder.
I set my own constraints and documented specs to work to that I THINK are okay, but I am not sure as I have been given no feedback and its now too late to do anything about it with tweaking.

Firstly though, for our project management we used Google docs, which seems to be a fairly big thing.
Communication happened over Skype conference calls weekly, and on a Facebook group for easy talking.

Documentation for the required assets was created and uploaded to google docs, and the animations needed to be created for each assets. The specs where worked out to the best possible and I posted a test model with basic animations done to it asking for feedback once it was placed in game to see how it went. However that feedback was not forth coming so I assumed that it was all okay and continued to do work based on those specs. once I had created basic models and animations I uploaded a set for one character a day early and asked for feedback, knowledge on what to change and what the designers needed done, but again, I heard nothing. sadly it is due tomorrow so any tweaks that could have been done are now not possible due to the time. I have uploaded all the final animations and all I can do is hope they work okay.

Another thing that was a bit disappointing was that I was left with almost no time to get decent animations done on this project, which is my main goal for anything. The topology is shoddy, the rigs are bad and the animations look so broken.

I managed to get around to uploading some of the animations for the game. Do not judge my work based on this, I see so many problems in the skinning alone, never mind the animation. but sometimes we have to work to a bad situation and hope it pans out okay.


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