Data management was something we struggled with a bit sadly. most of our assets and data where stored on and transferred using google drive. That was okay in itself, but it was the naming conventions where we fell down. Either our workers did not read them, did not understand them or just did not use them out of laziness, though I do not think it was the last one.
to the end of making sure this is done better next time, I have looked into some data management methods, strategies and resources to see what people suggest who have done it before.

There are a lot of websites dedicated to helping work out better data management, but not so much offering resources to help as much as helping people understand the reason good data management is important, useful and how it can help a business do much better in the short and long term.
“…a formal enterprise data management program addresses: data management strategies. A strategy like this must be collaborative; involving IT and business leadership, and it is one of the main activities of a data governance program. ” (Eiminstituteorg, 2015)
Which is the general feel of everything I have come across so far, they tell of how important it is, and give some good advice if you are a company or business of any kind. Not so useful for a small studio of students, so I will keep looking.

Some resources give a more in depth and simplistic steps to help with data management, they do not give resources in the way of things such as actual data sharing, but I think before the next project I do I will make sure everyone has gone through something like this so they understand the importance of a proper naming convention and the likes.
This website has some useful looking guidelines on it, but is slightly more in depth then I may need to go any time soon.
There is another website I found with a much better breakdown of Data management and how it should be done.
From all i have read, the data sharing can be done in many ways, from a server computer based on site, to using the cloud.
But this system seems to look really useful to me, and so I will incorporate parts of this and some others to make sure it works better next time.



Eiminstituteorg. (2015). Eiminstituteorg. Retrieved 2 December, 2015, from

Arizonaedu. (2015). Arizonaedu. Retrieved 2 December, 2015, from



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