Reboot Pipeline, The Goods and the Bads

Our Reboot project is officially finished, which is awesome. I am, on the whole, happy with the finished product.
So our main idea was already worked out before we met our workers, who on the whole seemed decent. However one harsh lesson learned this time is that work needs to be seen before task delegation begins. so some sort of portfolio of what people have done so that leads can have a better idea of what they are capable of and to what level.
The basic idea behind this project was that we would make a start sequence for a TV series that is a reboot of an old movie, but done to the style of a different movie. We got given ‘night of the living dead’ done to the style of ‘Bunraku’ which is a very styalized film with sets made from cardboard and origami looking things.
When we first received the project, the leads had to work out the details of an animation sequences, the basic style, an art bible and all the other fun documentation. we then went to meet our animators and so forth, and had to convey our wants to them for the project.
I found that the workers where willing to try new things for the most part and have a go at what we asked, but it was also not completely done to the standards I would have liked. Though I do take blame for a fair bit of this as I failed to explain properly what I wanted. Partially because it was in either the project brief or art bible, but also because I see it as common practice now and do not really think to make sure others will do it.
Even though there was a lot of willingness to do things, myself and the other lead had to do a huge amount of work to end up with a finished product, to the point of having to stop other things projects. We had 1 person who should have been a lead never show up and never talk on any communication channels which set a terrible precedence for the workers as they did not see all the people they assumed where leads doing so.

Our production pipeline was fairy standard. We had people on concepting and designing characters and environments for the first week (it was a 6 week project in total) The second week was revising the project, making sure the concept and designs where good. the leads had the animatic done and we started to get our 3D modellers and 2D artists to work on asset creation.
After this a large part was creation of assets and making sure they looked good, fit the style and worked as we needed them too. The last week was dedicated to making sure everything was composited properly in Adobe After effects, and then rendering it out.

I have learned so many good things from this, and not all of them from negative experiences. People love to see the finished product and the things they have worked on come together, and it leaves them with a big smile to know they have done well. Encouraging others to do better makes them happier to do as you ask, and giving them positive feedback makes them work harder to do better. Going the extra mile to help others has also meant they want to work with me again, because they know I will put in effort and help them to learn more and do better themselves.

All in all, I would say that this project was a success, and while it was hard and had stressful moments, I really enjoyed it overall.
Would I do it again? for sure, if I could swap a few people out.

I have added in a link to the final product for your evaluation.


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