3D Modelling Pipeline Test 1

So I am going to test out some pipelines for modeling 3D objects.
The first model I will be making is a character, which I will also take to skinning, rigging and animating.

Concept the Character (hopefully do not have to do this too often)
Model it in 3ds Max (Aiming for lower polly but still good detail)
Unwrap for texturing and then texture (I will skip normals for this model and try them out on the next one)
Rig and skin (part of the same process to my mind)
And after this it is on to animation…Which I will do a different set of posts on later

For now, the work I have got done is minimal with only the character concept being finished…ish. I am not the best at drawing and digital painting and what not so the design is minimal, which is one reason I hope I do not have to concept or design characters, creatures or whatever, too often.Render_001
So this is the character I killed and put into 3ds Max to start modelling. I was hoping to have this done over a week ago but some other projects got out of hand.


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