Interesting After Effects problems

I have finally fixed my problem in after effects, which is nice. Well, I say fixed, what I have done is found a solution to it when it goes funky on me. The intended effect at the end is to make text look like folded paper, and uses a lot of duplicated layers of text parented to small triangle shapes.
The problem was that when I parented layers they would change their position or rotation values and throw everything off. the end result being slightly scary.

Broken_Text Text_Broken_1

As can be seen in these images, there are some weird things going on, when all I want is for the correct letter to show up, not be smeared across the page.

My solution was fairly simple, first try deleting, and then re-parenting the layers. If that does not work, try restarting after effects and doing the same thing. So far one of those 2 things has fixed the problem.

This image shows everything having worked as it should after I used my fixes on it.
I should have some videos up on youtube soon showing the finished product and how cool it can look.
Some locations I went to try and find help
Most other posts went along these lines. while I asked for fixes to alphas they just had answers to OTHER problems or tutes on wild things. in the end I had to come up with my own solution, which is posted above


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