Walt Disney

So I wanted to sleep but sleep did not want to me.
instead I have decided to do some research on Walt Disney and how he affected the animation industry.

So one of the things I find about Walt Disney is that he was turned down multiple times when he was trying to get funding for his animations. Roughly 300 according to most sources. he also had to file for bankruptcy multiple times, and despite all this he still succeeded at his dream. its a pretty interesting story, that someone who started something so huge had such a hard time starting up.

During 1941 there was a strike of animators at Disney that caused some of the employees to leave and start up their own companies. This gave us many things like Loony Toons which had people from Disney, as well as many other big names in the industry which gained people from Disney due to the strike
This strike started due to many things, but one of them was that the animators did not get their names in the credits. which we do now, so yay!

Disney has given us much more then just a place in the credits and some brilliant offshoots. they have had some ground breaking strides in animation, in their younger years. According to one article Walt Disney set the stage for trying to do things better in the animation world. Before they brought out their first long animation, or as we know them now “feature length” animation, all animations where short, such as steamboat willy.

These are only a few of the changes he brought about in the animation industry, but one can see that he had a huge impact in many areas, and without him we would be lacking in many areas that we take for granted now.



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