Back to it!

So I have been a bit slack with posting regularly, but I am going to change that now. its been a bumpy start to the Tri with a lot on for me outside of college, so I need to change that and AM changing that from now on.

so, about my day. I spent all morning and a few hours of the afternoon working on scene breakdowns for the Reboot I am working on. which I should explain. the reboot is a 15-30 second opening sequence of a reboot of a randomly generated movie done to a randomly generated style. the movie we had to reboot was Night of the living dead, to the style of Bunraku. it has been an interesting challenge thus far, but one I believe my team is up to. I will say this one thing though, lack of communication is terrible. It totally ruins plans and planning.

I spent the afternoon listening to games design students pitch some ideas to other students in hopes of getting some of them to join their project and give them assets at the very least. preferable work on it with them and contribute to the project in more ways.

Finally I helped some studio 1s work out some stuff with their L/Os, which was good. They said it would help them so much, which was really rewarding to hear. I have also linked them to a tutorial on digital tutors to help them out and will be doing up a tutorial for them to follow to help learn the pelt and peel tools and how they help with unwrapping.

For now that is it. as much as its not so much, its a start, and I need to get into this whole blogging thing a bit more


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