Morph Controllers

wew! So I finally managed to make spline controllers for my morph targets. they work and everything!
oddly enough there are not many tutes out there on how to do this. but I finally found some, so yay me! or more yay for the person who did the tute. so yay someone!

This rig is for facial movement, during my research of facial movement I found about 4 different ways that people use controllers for facial movement, all of them seem useful depending on a few variables such as the detail on your model or the size of it.
however I stuck with spline controllers, partly because I am stubborn,  but also because I think it fits my model the best out of any I could find.

This Image shows all the controllers, some of them being used, and I will post a video up at some point of a facial test animation to see how good it all looks going to extremes. maybe after I have rigged the body as well.

This rig uses a morph target system to move the face and jaw around. It is controlled by setting the wire parameters of splines to control the morph targets and the % it uses from each or if it uses any at all.
There are many rigs that use this system as it is simple for use and allows animators to get work done with ease. One such rig is the ‘Max’ rig from the 11 second club. I have also found some other rigs that use the same or similar systems and put in images below.
While I have heard of faster ways to get rigs set up, or more simple ways this system seems to be used a fair bit more.

Oxford dictionary defines user friendly as “Easy to use or understand”, Webster dictionary describes it as easy to learn, use, understand, or deal with. With this in mind, the rig is designed for simplicity and ease of use, simply by looking at it one can see all the basic controllers needed and how they effect the face and which part. although this does assume that the user has some basic understanding of 3D programs.


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Project management

And so the new Trimester begins!!
I am loving being back to studying, and one of the first things I get to do is be one of 3 people in charge of a group of minions. This is something I have wanted to do for a while and am super loving it so far. It is, of course, not without its challenges, but that’s okay, nothing that is easy is fun.
So far we are in the planning stages of setting up our documentation and file sharing systems. Also, as we have been given a “budget” in the way of time constraints we have set up a time sheet, which was originally in a excel spreadsheet, but has been moved to toggl due to the fact that its much easier to be more accurate with time on it.

Some other things we have set up are a slack channel for easy communication to the group, Google Drive for file sharing and easy documentation access. we also have a Pinterest board should it be needed for mood boards or anything else picture related such as research.Docs_1 Docs_2 Slack_1

Project is now complete, well, as of midnight tonight. our management system was slightly effective. our biggest problem being we did not manage to press on the helpers how much they needed to look at the documentation and as such we had a lot of problems with having to explain to them things already in the project plan and art bible. Honestly I am not sure what we could have done to improve this, as I think it was not really so much a flaw in the documentation.
one thing I think we could have done better is to increase the information we put in there, such as making sure any still images are saved with alphas for ease of use.
Pressing the importance of the naming conventions was hard to do and so things got a bit confusing towards the end as everything was a bit messy and oddly named.
There was also the issue of asking the 3D animators/Modelers if they could unwrap something and them saying yes, which I took to mean they where competent at doing so. I was wrong. Next time I have to manage a project I will have to make sure I get examples of previous work so I can see their abilities first hand and know what I can push them in to get them to work to the best of their abilities.
All in all I am happy with how the project turned out, it was a bit muddled in there, but I have learned many valuable lessons along the way, even if I find it hard to remember exactly what they are now. I know next time I will be able to do a much better job due to this project