Project management

So its been interesting working with others to get things done well, on time and to fit into the specs they need. To achieve this on my current project with games design students we have been using a few things. Firstly we have a few documents in google docs going so we can all access them at any time we need and update them as we go. these also give us our deadlines and important tasks due and which tasks are most important.
secondly we have been using a website called Trello, which is great for task listing and saying when its in progress and completed. This website allows us to break down each task and show us in detail what each task needs to have done to it. There are 3 sections for tasks to be in, waiting, in progress and completed. As someone is working the tasks they can drop them into the respective slot. Inside each task list where one can see the breakdown of each task it is possible to see each item needing to be done for said task and tick it off as it is completed before it is moved to the finished section.
so far it seems to work well, the only thing I would really like to see is that we can get the deadlines and tasks in one place, rather then having to open multiple windows and websites to see it all.

Workflow management techniques


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