This program is slightly confusing and scary at first. though I have found once I understand how it works its really useful and I can understand why people like to use it so much. it has definitely made the work a heap easier in keeping us all up to date on the current version of the game.
It does this by allowing multiple people to work on the project at the same time, similar to how works, but its a bit more in-depth as it has programs run through it such as Unity or Unreal. It made it simple to add assets, test them in the scene and then to upload them so all people could not only use the assets but had them in the right location on their project.
Doing this was as simple as a¬† drag and drop for the assets, and then “pushing” them, or uploading them to the cloud so others could “pull” or download and add them to their current version of the project.
Proof of colaborative work


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