Why Skipping?

So I took the girl I have made, and tried to do a skipping cycle for her movement, except skipping is not something I do too often myself. So after skipping around the house for about 10 minutes I thought I understood how skipping worked. I was wrong. a few hours later of being mad at my animation, I looked up skipping videos on youtube and found out that most people think skipping is done with a rope and used for fitness. So eventually I had to film a friend skipping along and watch it over and over so I could work it out properly. I have got it to a starting point I am happy with now. but my conclusion is this; sometimes Google, Youtube, Digital Tutors and the internet will fail you and you have to improvise to get your animations working. That is when it gets really fun and interesting, and one of the things I like about animation so much. working out how to do something outside tutorials is rewarding and can be really challenging.


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