Oh. My. Goodness. I just had so much fun working out controllers for eyes. <– please not that is sarcasm. I found this cool video on digital tutors that gave some good info. Until what they did created a dependency loop and I realised they where using the 2010 version of Max. maybe that had something to do with it, but it worked for them and I had to spend 20 minutes working out how to remove the dependency loop and get the eye controllers working properly.
the problem was this, I used position constraint on a spline to position it between other splines, which I then had to attach to it. loop created…well attempted to anyway. so to remove the position constraint meant deleting a modifier after I found out it had added one, as well as deleting the constraint locks for each object in the hierarchy list. then I had to position the object normally so the attaching worked, which was the most important part.
yet somehow this worked for him on an older version of max…so confusing -_-


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