Unity fun

Working on a game has been fun, learning how to export files, how to get them to the right size and scale in particular. I searched all the places, and no one could explain my problem. Possibly because it is super obvious to everyone, or I am just really bad at wording things sometimes.
I was having trouble exporting from Max into Unity while keeping scale, turns out that because my system scale was set to Inches and theirs to Meters in Unity, it did not convert the scale, just say how many units it was. so if mine was say 56 inches high, when I saved it as an .FBX and took it across to Unity, instead of converting that to 1.5ish meters, it made it 56 meters and suddenly my TV made the house look tiny.


Creepy girl is creepy. but she was fun to make. I redid the UVW maps on her to make them better. just went with the normal peel mode this time. I have made a custom rig and am almost done skinning the character. next for it is a skin test animation.
I am also rather glad I have redone her UVWs as it makes for much easier texturing

Texture_1Render_Eyes Render_1

Goat and its eyes

I have finally put a texture on the mini goat that I am happy with. it was hand drawn after which I used Mudbox to paint it on as a stencil. I also did the eyes the same way with a bit more work. The first image is of the eyes pulled apart showing each layer of them.
the second is the eyes removed from the head. the third shows the complete goat with all its textures.Eye_Parts Eyes_1 Texture_done_eyes

UVW Unwraps

I tried out the unwrap script I found. it does okay on simple objects, but its TERRIBLE for people. I used it out of interest to see how a bad unwrap goes verses a good one…lets just say I will be doing all mine manually until I can find a really good unwrap script or plugin.still shit unless reset xform
I also found out that if you forget to reset the x form it will severely munt your unwrap. the first one is without the reset, the second is with.
The third and last is the unwrap it did for the girl I posted previously. huge eyes, big mouth, slightly evil looking, you know the one. Girl

Girls model

Girl model is done, with some basic topology on the face to allow for movement like talking, blinking and so on.
I have located a possible unwrapping plugin so I will see how it goes with this character.

Model sheet

Started a new model yesterday, I have a image here of the model sheet. my plan is to make a model, texture it in mudbox and probably do a normal map. skin and rig it, then try it out in some basic animation movements. Girl

Interesting Max to mudbox issue

Part of the pipeline I like to use to get textures done is to send the model from max to mudbox so I can do normals and textures. turns out sometimes this will create big issues with the mesh and some objects will not show up. to fix this I had to go back to max to reset x form (Should have done that earlier :\ ) and then either flip all the faces of the disappearing objects or add a normal modifier. but all objects show up now, yay!