Vlad the Impaler

So I have done work on a creature I call Vlad for the Cave in the Sky project I am working on at college. so far I have had him unwrapped, textured and then skinned and rigged.

Vlad_1 This is Vlad in his low poly untextured version.

Concept_Side Concept_front
Concept art of Vlad, incorporating a Narwhal, a horse and a lion fish into it. This is also the model sheet I used to create him, though I did not end up going as high Poly as I originally intended due to project requirements. Vlad_2
The texture here is not super detailed, he has no eyes or other facial features that are shown. I did this model mostly to be a reference for a lot of smaller models and also to create a particle effect. After creating the textures in mudbox I brought it back to 3DS max to rig and skin. The next image is a still from the rendered particle effect, showing the basic idea behind it.


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